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Click to return to the main web site   These pages have been designed to assist Parents, Scouts and Leaders from the 9th Erith Air Scout Group in the correct placement of badges on uniforms.
All details have been taken from the official Scout web page ( as shown in Policy Organisation and Rules 2006.


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Beaver programme (6-8 years old)

Cub programme (8-10½ years old)

Scout programme (10½-14 years old)

Explorer programme (14-18 years old)

Network programme (18-25 years old

Beavers aged 6-8

Cubs aged 8-10½

Air Scouts aged 10½-14

Air Explorers aged 14-18

Air Network aged 18-25


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Notes for Parents.
Badges should be placed in the appropriate place on the uniform and sewn, not glued, on. Some badges will need to be removed and replaced when another stage is obtained, and some badges are transitory and will need to be removed entirely in due course. 
Neither of these options are possible if badges have been permanently fixed.
All items of uniform should be labelled with the scout's name.

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